Our know-how

Our real estate is in goods hands with Ge.Co.Roads Immobiliare SA. The prominent firm, headquartered in Lugano, provides a full spectrum of services for modern and professional real estate marketing.

Within our company we have an architectural firm,
SPD & Partners SA. We process all steps, from study architectural design to obtaining construction permit.

Our professionalism is based upon our competence in real- estate marketing and on our in-depth and constantly updated knowledge of the specific and always changing context of all the markets where we operate, at both regional and national levels. With discretion and the greatest competence, our first concern is to satisfy every need of each client, without any problems of language and cultural barriers, thanks to our fluent command of the main European languages.



GE.CO.ROADS Immobiliare SA offers the following services:


- study of real-estate design and restructuring;

- promotion and consultancy for new real-estate projects;

- real-estate marketing;

- brokerage in the buying and selling of real estate,

  both buildings and Land;

- consultancy for the obtaining of financing;  

- legal consultancy;

- appraisals and commercial evaluations;


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